#lotro another lore-master

I’m still slightly obsessed with the legendary servers – I think it’s down to the general business of the areas, knowing that there is a very reachable cap on play and the infectious enthusiasm of the players.  I’ve also got my characters ‘right’ this time.  Names, origins, races, crafting and suchlike.  At times, I wonder why I’m doing this but I think if I examine that too closely, the fun will go away – sometimes it’s enough to just enjoy.  That probably goes for a lot of things.

I’ve got my main character to level 13 (another lore-master *ahem*) and have just made a second (Warden).  I’ll probably have 5 characters to cover the crafts (I’ll get cross if I’m not self-sufficient) but only adventure with two of them.  I’m hoping Dimzad may make a return to Lotro although I think it’s unlikely sadly.  It would be nice to game together again.

Duillond is still stunning


hi again, Gil-galad  I love that the first epic quest for High Elves is named ‘Into darkness falls a star’.


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