#lotro barrows and festivals

I keep veering between racing* to 50 and a must do all the things, completionist playthrough on my main on Ithil (I switched servers in the end as that’s where my Kin ended up).  I’m currently trying out a compromise of getting all quest / exploration deeds done and slayer deeds at least the first round (and saved advanced slayer for when I’m higher level).  I’ve also decided to hold on crafting (with the exception of farming and cooking) as that will also be easier (faster).  The Great Barrows is still easier then I remember but still just as atmospheric.

Great Barrow, Lord of the Rings Online, lotro

So my Lore-master (Scholar) is now at the Lone-lands (again), and I’m going to quest up to Ost Guruth and then do the East side of the North Downs, then pop back to Lone-lands.  Or something.

I’ve been running my explorer character through the Harvestmath festival and doing daily tasks in a bid to cut out some questing for her (I can only just about face deeding on one character…). and hurrah! for festival cosmetics.  The Autumn Leafmail set (Harvest Festival cosmetics) looks gorgeous with the Steed of the Eldar.  It’s also a very good way of earning Figments of Splendour which can either be bartered for cosmetic/housing items or can be converted to Motes of Enchantment (which should be useful at cap)

Autumn leafmail, Steed of the Eldar, Lord of the Rings Online

I’ve tagged it as an outfit, though it barely qualifies as such.  I’m really looking forward to the Yule Festival – elks and cloaks and dresses 🙂

*my idea of racing at any rate – tortoise slow to some I’m sure.

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