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This is one of those games where you are always running short of *something*, usually space!

For progression, and tournaments, you will want to be able to build your goods at roughly an even rate.  I say roughly, because although the goods might be coming in at an even rate, you may be using one particular tier of goods at a higher rate than other tiers…   So you may need to build more of one tier.

I currently have more of a focus on goods production (rather than military) so the tips are geared towards that – they will still be applicable if you focus more or equally on military but you will obviously have to adjust.


  1.  ONLY build your boosted goods (you can see which goods are boosted in your Main Hall).
  2. TRADE for the non-boosted goods.  Trade within tiers.
  3. Events and crafted goods from the Magic Academy are great for things like coin and supplies income (also mana, seeds when you get to those chapters)
  4. These wonders are really helpful:
    • Golden Abyss (coins and best population boost)
    • Prosperity Towers (tons of supplies – at low levels it is equal to 2 or 3 workshops).  You could build Endless Excavation until you reach Fairy chapter but you will want to replace I think.
    • Mountain Halls (Dwarves) goods production boost + population boost
    • Crystal Lighthouse – on PC you get a goods chest 3 times day plus help effect is lengthened.  Lighthouse of Good Neighbourhood (Amuni) is also good – I’m not sure if I’ll add this or possibly replace Crystal.
    • Blooming Trader Guild – reduces the fee for trading outside fellowship, increases your Portal production (for the settlements) and makes the wholesaler better value.
  5. Don’t be afraid to delete or rebuild, particularly the standard buildings.  I would be more careful with limited availability buildings (e.g. from events), although the effect type of buildings are generally repeated through the events so can be replaced in that way.  They can also be upgraded with spells received through tournament rewards.  Wonders can also be deleted and rebuilt if necessary, you will lose any knowledge points you have put into them though.
  6. For events, temporary T1 buildings can help you get through quests quicker.

Elven Stats / Elven Architect:

Go to elvenstats.com and put your playername in.  Get a link of your current city to import automatically into Elven Architect (see images below).

  1. Complete the details in the report tab.  The most important sections for goods are the boost type, boost amount and collection times.  The other completion sections (noted by a red !) will give you more information on military and ranking points.
  2. Aim for producing goods in roughly the same rate but you will probably need to adjust (e.g. add one T2 and remove a T1) as you don’t necessarily have an even amount of goods going out.
  3. You can also make sure you are maximising space here.
  4. Right clicking the buildings is an easy way of changing the level of a building.
  5. You don’t necessarily have to have buildings fully upgraded, e.g. you could have 3 T1 manufactories at level 12 and 1 at level 10.  Similarly with military buildings – you don’t necessarily have to have them fully upgraded (depends on how you play).
  6. You can also use it to see how your city will look in the next chapter – it’s useful for pre-planning.


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  1. Alberto Araujo says:

    Great information man! Is this still applying for 2020 Elvenar? I mean, I’m just trying this game and I don’t know if this kind of size optimization is still working, but it looks awesome!

    1. eldaeriel says:

      Hi – thank you 🙂 The information is still good – the only exception is that now I wouldn’t rate the Crystal Lighthouse & Mountain Halls as highly (they’re not awful by any means but I think there are better AWs later and space is a premium)

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