#Skyrim – Enderal

Enderal is a massive, total conversion mod for Skyrim.  It is now available as a separate game on the Steam platform (although you will still need the original Skyrim installed, of course) which makes the installation super easy.

The landscapes and architecture are beautiful and varied, occasionally you will get a jolt or deja vu of Skyrim.  It’s a fantastic mod for exploring.  The skills system is different, although still familiar, and you level skills via learning points and learning books.  The combat itself, is very familiar but far more unforgiving.  I have spent much of my time running away and reloading.  The voice acting is really good and I’ve enjoyed meeting all the characters (well…most of them!).

The feel of the game is far darker, in fact it’s so dark that it’s not really suiting my current mood.  Everywhere you go, people just attack you – I mean, I know there is a story reason for it but it’s pretty depressing, added to the fact that I am finding the difficulty a slog, it’s probably the wrong time for me to play it.   I’m also stuck on the final fight and I’m not sure if it’s bugged out (generators aren’t giving me a %) or if it’s me.   It may well have to wait until I’m in the right mood, which is irritating as I wanted to finish it so I can move onto something else.

I’ve italicised the previous paragraph as those negative points are very much related to my mood… It honestly is an amazing mod, and if you’re in the mood for a dark storyline and challenging combat – it is fantastic and I do recommend it.


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