Covid-19 & Social Distancing #1

*edit*  After reading Contains Moderate Peril‘s post on the subject, I decided to join in and write my experience so far.*

We both (me and my son) have asthma, so are in the vulnerable group – we don’t have severe asthma fortunately, but one of our triggers are colds/flu, so I took my son out of school on Tuesday and I wasn’t surprised that I only pre-empted the government mandate by a few days.  We are following social distancing rules for those without symptoms – we are not socialising in person, just going for short walks round the park and only going to the shops when we really need to.  I receive a widow’s pension (though not pensionable age!) and it’s enough that it will cover the necessities – I recognise that, in that sense, we are extremely fortunate.  We both play online games and we have family and friends whatsapp groups, so we can socialise online fortunately.  Currently my family and friends are OK, I hope it stays that way (for all of us – as in you guys reading, as well).

I will be planting seeds this week for the allotment (maybe a bit late – eek) and the allotment will become an outside sanctuary I think.  It’s very easy to practice social distancing there and waving/shouting across allotments is fairly common anyway.

My son is feeling the social effects more than me, he really misses his friends and burning off energy.  He can at least also use whatsapp and play online games.  We do also have an exercise bike which, as it’s a cheapo one, I’m not sure will last very long!  I’m quite happy alone and can keep myself busy in a number of ways, although I am a bit cross as the first year of mourning is over and I felt ready to start trying to be more social and do some new things.   I did a craft workshop a month ago and I really enjoyed that and was thinking about doing some more and perhaps volunteering.  That’s on hold for now obviously.

Giant Crochet Star I made at the workshop.  It’s a wire star shape that I finger-crocheted over with this gorgeously soft super chunky yarn.

We also adopted two young rescue cats so they are keeping us busy and entertained.  Sadly one of the new cats (the ginger one) is getting bullied by our existing cat, so we have asked that she be rehomed (we will look after her until that happens – she is so sweet natured).

So all in all, currently we’re OK.  If I were to moan, it’s just trying to keep a tween-age boy fed (he does not stop eating!) and entertained.  We will be doing some baking soon 🙂

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  1. Seems like a sound strategy. I think a lot of people are going to develop new hobbies and interests as a practical coping mechanism. Stay Safe.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      thank you and ugh… I completely forgot to mention or even link to your post 😦 Sorry, will amend.

      Stay well.

  2. Mama Druid says:

    Glad you and your loved ones are safe. Rey is a beautiful ginger! Too bad he wasn’t accepted by your family cat. 😿

    1. eldaeriel says:

      I know! She is so sweet and affectionate but I think too alike in personality to Jiji- she needs to be centre of attention and once, stood on him while he was on my lap! you can imagine how well that went 🙂 There is a happy ending though, our friends are going to take her 🙂

      Stay safe 🙂

  3. Gkaruk says:

    Both Stay safe Eldae, loving the cats. WE also just got a new Chalkie, puppy, Buzz, as sadly in December lost our 7 yr Chihowa cross. Buzz is making the isolation much easier and keeps us smiling.

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