Still Social Distancing #2


We’re generally coping quite well with the lockdown.  I do think that we are lucky we love gaming as it has really helped, especially for the kiddo as it’s an easy way to keep in touch with his friends. I do miss seeing family and friends – although we have video calls.  It’s great seeing more people cycling (we go to the allotment and seafront on our bikes) – I really hope this is the start of something positive to come out of the lockdown – our city has quite polluted air, so it’s quite important (as well as greener).

We now a weekly D&D session with our friends – it’s very funny, with 2 nooby adults, a rusty DM and two nooby 11 year old boys.  No surprises that I’m playing an elven Druid and the kiddo is a halfling Hunter.  I introduced them to the tactic of rooting and running – we had just survived one big fight, we were out of spells, had injuries etc and just before we reached the safety of the keep we were surprised by another two kobolds.  It was also getting late and tempers tetchy – so root and run it was.

acnh cafeThe big news is that I caved and bought a Switch lite and Animal Crossing.  I love it – I’ve been playing with the kiddo and we’re having a lot of fun.  I’m currently trying to create a rock garden – so my island looks a mess at the moment – hopefully in a week I’ll be able to pretty it up again.  Then I’m going to start flower breeding, but more systematically this time.  I was trying all the flowers at once – but it’s too confusing….

ScreenShot_2020-05-03_222751_0We’ve also been playing Lotro together – we’re in Moria.  This is more challenging for the kiddo as he isn’t used to keyboard controls but he’ll get there.  I’ve also joined a new Kin, who are very friendly and I’ve jumped in on some raids with my LM.

RobloxScreenShot20200518_172331987Finally, the kiddo persuaded me to play some Roblox with him.   We’ve been playing Build a Boat for Treasure and it’s hilarious.  You basically have to build a boat which will survive various levels of stuff which is designed to smash your boat (the water kills you).  We’ve developed a technique of either a raft or a cube and surrounding ourselves with junk – and it works fairly well.

We finished watching The Mandalorian (so good) and have just finished watching Final Space (Netflix) – which manages to be really silly and funny but have a compelling storyline and characters.  So we’re now waiting for the next series of that and also the Dragon Prince (love it!).

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  1. Hi mate, long time no read. Or write. I’ve enjoyed lockdown but I’ve only just started to play and blog again.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      hey 🙂 yes long time indeed – I intermittently chuck something up. It’s hard to write when you have a tween bouncing round the house though ;’)

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