#skyrim Alduin

I could have done with better conditions for these screenshots but… here we have Alduin in the midst of a heavy snowstorm at night. I was a bit unsure whether to post these as they are a bit dark, but I like them, especially the second image.

#skyrim The Rift

It’s one of my favourite areas, the autumnal golds and feeling of warmth is a nice change from the frozen snowy areas.

#eso Necromancer Outfit

I wasn’t sure which way to go for an outfit for this character. I mean, she is a necromancer so the temptation is to go with one of the skull type outfits but I don’t think of her of as an evil necromancer as such. More that, she’s middle aged, she has a stupidly long…

#Skyrim (again)

Playing through Greymoor in ESO sparked up the nostalgia for Skyrim and so I thought I’d have another mini game of modding and then possibly playing past the first few hours. It seems it was 2 years ago I last played (according to this blog anyway) so a good enough break I guess. I started…