#Skyrim (again)

Playing through Greymoor in ESO sparked up the nostalgia for Skyrim and so I thought I’d have another mini game of modding and then possibly playing past the first few hours. It seems it was 2 years ago I last played (according to this blog anyway) so a good enough break I guess.

I started by using Wabbajack to install a collection of mods – I was quite impressed by this, however I couldn’t install Lexy’s Legacy of the Dragonborn Collection as I’m not convinced my PC can quite handle it and the other mod lists (although great) didn’t have quite the mix I was looking for. So I made my own mod list and used Mod Organiser 2 for installation for the first time. I’ve got a mix of some texture / weather improvements, immersion (frostfall, campfire etc) and Legacy of the Dragonborn (plus supported mods e.g. Moonpath to Elsweyr, various collections). I also added on two followers: Lucien (an imperial scholar) and Kaidan (a warrior searching for his origins). These two mods are fantastic – they are very well done, have commentary on the main questlines and can interact with each other. I’ve been trying to do a slow playthrough, so trying to walk everywhere (mostly!) and actually camping and chatting of an evening. It’s pretty fun.

The mods are mostly playing nice – although I do have a problem with Crafting Overhaul (I think) as I can’t use the workbench or grindstone to upgrade weapons / armour. I can probably cope just fine as the combat isn’t difficult plus I have 2 followers. It’s slightly irritating but I think fixing it might be beyond my current understanding. (Now I’m thinking I should have learned how to mod during lockdown…. still I guess there might be lockdown part deux… fingers crossed not).

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  1. Rakuno says:

    Huh. I didn’t know the Wabbajack was usable already. I thought it was still in some kind of alpha or something.

    As for Complete Crafting Overhaul… I am assuming you are playing Skyrim Special Edition, right? In that case are you using the Remastered version of Complete Crafting Overhaul? Because there was another one that was ported from Oldrim by someone else. The Remastered version however is one made for Special Edition by the original author of the Complete Crafting Overhaul.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      ohhhhh….. i wonder if that’s it. Hmm I will check out – thanks Rakuno 🙂

    2. eldaeriel says:

      ah no – I downloaded the Remastered version – thanks anyway 🙂

  2. super142 says:

    Did this playthrough last as long as you had hoped? Past those opening hours?

    1. eldaeriel says:

      haha I’m actually still playing – nearly through the main questline, partway through some of the guilds (finished some!) and working through the legacy and personal quests. makes a change 😀

      1. super142 says:

        Glad to hear you’re enjoying it

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