#eso Necromancer Outfit

I wasn’t sure which way to go for an outfit for this character. I mean, she is a necromancer so the temptation is to go with one of the skull type outfits but I don’t think of her of as an evil necromancer as such. More that, she’s middle aged, she has a stupidly long to-do list and she just needs to get things done. Hence, her own personal army of undead to do her bidding (and that to-do list). So I thought I’d give her a comfy, practical outfit, with the raven wing epaulets and colour scheme as a nod to necromancy.

ESO Necromancer Outfit

head: n/a
shoulders: Welkynar Epaulets (L)
chest: Assassin’s League Jack (M)
hands: Ebony Bracers (M)
legs: Assassin’s League Breeches (M)
belt: Ebonshadow Belt (M)
feet: Ebony Sabatons (H)

Dyes: All Coldharbour Ash Black except Jack which is Craglorn Crimson / Noxophilic Black / Coldharbour Ash Black.

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