Journal of Elfa: Day 44 – 50

Sundas, 28th of Hearthfire to Loredas 4th of Frostfell (Journal)

I decided to try and widen my opportunities to sell potions. I caught the cart to Riften, then made the mistake of trying to walk to Ivarstead and then on to Whiterun. I have never seen so many bears… they are fast and deadly – much faster than their size would imply. We ran away a lot, it’s a good job we have really increased our endurance… We did get caught between a pack of wolves and a bear but fortunately there were a couple of Vigilants of Stendarr who helped us out. We saw the 7,000 steps, which leads up to High Hrothgar. I did wonder about the view from up there, but decided, for now, it probably wasn’t worth the effort!

I think the countryside in that area of Skyrim is very beautiful, it is hard to be sure though as it mostly passed by in a panicked blur…

I bought a farm outside Whiterun this week – this will hopefully save me some money on food.


The Challenge


Starting balance: 1358 gold
Bought: Farm 3300 gold
Balance: 22027 gold

Lvl 14 / Speechcraft 56 / Alchemy 66

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