Journal of Elfa: Days 51-57

Sundas, 5th of Frostfell to Loredas 11th of Frostfell (Journal)

I decided it was high time i visited Winterhold. I have been putting off visiting here as I know there isn’t a cart available there and it is possibly the coldest place in Skyrim. I prepared by packing lots of food, fire starters, my warmest gear and tent.

It wasn’t actually quite as bad as I had feared, although the weather was on our side. I stayed in Winterhold at the Inn overnight and bought a couple of properties. I then walked to Windhelm to catch a cart home. The journey wasn’t too bad… if by not too bad you mean hiding from a sabre tooth tiger and then having to run full pelt past a fortress while skeletons are firing arrows at you…

Before I left Windhelm, I had stayed over night as I wanted to also investigate slightly south of the city for ingredients reasons. I found lots of Creep Cluster which was very handy. The land here is very alien, it steams and gurgles, it smells very strange and the colours are unlike anything I’ve seen before. Also, lots of bears. I didn’t explore here as much as I would have liked to.


The Challenge


Starting balance: 22027 gold
Bought: Shop and house in Winterhold 36300
Balance: 1352 gold

Lvl 17 / Speechcraft 61 / Alchemy 76

[In case anyone is wondering, to level Speechcraft and Alchemy you need to make and sell the most expensive potions… You can farm Creep Cluster, Mora Tapinella and Scaly Pholiota, which gives you a potion which sells for 500-600 gold depending upon your speech and alchemy levels. The problem is of course, most shopkeepers have around 750 max gold (blacksmiths seem to have around 1150 – which is fine once you have the speech perk at lvl 50 to be able to sell any item to any merchant). I have trained speechcraft a few times (Giraud Germane, Bards College, Solitude) as it is very, very slow to level otherwise.]

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