Journal of Elfa: Days 58 ~ 64 and 65 ~ 71

Sundas 12th of Frostfall to Loredas 18th of Frostfall (Journal)

I walked back to Whiterun from Morthal. I had spied on the map a shortcut that looked like a pass through the mountains. The scenery is stunning around here, it was quite a long walk and I thought we could get through the pass before sundown. The pass had clearly been occupied and fortified before, it looked ancient to be honest, unfortunately now trolls call it their home. I would have turned back if I could but we were so cold that I wasn’t sure we would survive.

We did make it through, obviously. We started off by creeping through very carefully and trying to stay downwind of them. Unfortunately one of the trolls was blocking the pass, but we distracted it with a thrown rock and then ran as fast as we could…

We camped below the snow line, and continued onto Whiterun in the morning. I have enough money to invest in some of the businesses I buy from regularly in Whiterun and I also bought 2 more houses! The travelling alchemy business is proving very profitable and I think the housing investments will start to pay off soon too.

Sundas 19th of Frostfall to Loredas 25th of Frostfall

[I wasn’t receiving any income from the Real Estate mod – so I needed to investigate. It is working, however, after you use the quill to update the ledger, it then takes 6 or 7 days for the money to appear in the safe. Don’t use the quill more than once a week!]


The Challenge


Starting balance: 2504 gold
Bought: 2 Whiterun houses, invested in 4 Whiterun businesses
Balance: 12064 gold

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