Journal of Elfa: Paused.

Morndas, 3rd of Sun’s Dusk (Journal)

[OOC] I think this may be a good point to pause, or perhaps, finish this experiment. I have reached the point where all I am doing is buying and selling potions… I have visited all of the main cities, towns and villages, and I can’t think of anything interesting to do that fits within the original aim of the challenge. It has been really, really fun and challenging up until now. I could carry on to reach the original goal of 1 million gold, and it is very doable but I’m not enjoying it any more. I think now that I know it’s just a matter of grinding out the gold, the challenge (and fun) has gone.

Ok, so how did I do?:
The rules (Original Post with Mod Links):

  1. No Fast Travel (carts are allowed).
    I stuck to this, and went a bit further – I actually walked rather than jogged! I did jog/sprint if I was being chased or extremely cold. It was a really nice change of pace, I enjoyed looking at the scenery and listening to the soundtrack. The Levelled Walking Speed mod was amazing, as you level up so does your walking speed – I think this is actually what made it bearable.
  2. No combat or quests involving combat
    Mostly… sort of, maybe? I defended myself when I could and ran when I couldn’t. Even so, I killed 75 animals (pretty much all wolves, Elfa the Wolf Slayer….) and 11 people šŸ˜® Some of these may include npc kills (where I was running away and other people got involved). This was by sticking to the main roads too, I barely went off road – Skyrim is a dangerous place.
  3. No stealing
    In spirit, yes. In actuality – I got cross that Anise’s belongings were still marked as stolen even though she was dead… I ‘stole’ 5 items – I think a few herbs and some food…
  4. No bow.
    yes! dagger only! first time I have never equipped a bow in Skyrim!
  5. Only equip a dagger and light armour
    As above. Plus I mostly wore either my starting Miner’s Gear or, once I’d made some money, a Merchant’s Dress. I only wore Fur Armour in the snowy places.
  6. Only put points into non combat skills
    I only put points into the Alchemy and Speech perks. I did level up one-handed, light armour and smithing a little (just through general gameplay). The 3 points per level mod, wasn’t needed and I have a ton of perk points waiting to be added.
  7. I may hire a follower, if I can work out a payment system
    I ended up having a modded Meeko as my follower. I figured even though he was essential, he wasn’t OP, he certainly helped though but I didn’t feel as though it made *that* much difference. Slightly cheaty I suppose – I’m sorry!
  8. I need to eat, drink and sleep. Either camp by 5pm or an inn room
    I stuck to this. It did make the darker nights mod a little irrelevant but it did make me plan and prepare for my journeys. That, combined with Frostfall, made visiting Winterhold and Dawnstar (no cart) more treacherous and off putting.
  9. Not exploit the merchants
    This really slowed it down in a good way. The speechcraft perks really help here, once you can invest in the shops it really helps.

The results:
I didn’t reach my goal of 1 million gold but I do own 5 houses, 2 shops and 1 farm, which gives me a weekly income of around 11,000 gold. From here, it is a very easy step to becoming super-rich and owning all of Skyrim!

She finished at lvl 19, with Speech at lvl 73 and Alchemy at level 81.

I upgraded the Farm to Elysium Estate (see * for v. imp. info!) and she got an appearance upgrade, courtesy of Divine Elegance to reflect her new status.

Further thoughts:
I don’t think I’d try to live the life of a rags-to-riches citizen again, once is enough! I did really enjoy it though. It was surprisingly easy if I’m honest – I think it can be tweaked to the level of difficulty you find acceptable, you could:

  • increase the difficulty level itself,
  • not allowing crafting aside from alchemy (e.g. it made getting a tent easy),
  • don’t allow any followers or have a follower squad to fight for you.
  • permadeath,
  • finding a way to explore off-road without combat…
  • investigate other immersive mods

I would certainly use many of these mods again for a combat playthrough. I really enjoyed writing up my playthrough, if I ever do another challenge I might do this again.

How do you think I did? Would you ever try a challenge like this?

*This was a really bad idea and part of the reason I stopped playing. White River Farm and Elysium Estate occupy the same location and it, unsurprisingly, bugged. It’s entirely my own fault for not reading the mod descriptions properly. It is still playable but the farm plots from the Farm are floating in the Estate garden… It does actually make creep cluster easier to harvest though! Future playthroughs, one or the other!

Update ~ I stopped playing the experiment (as above) but I found I still wanted to play. So I am šŸ™‚ I added some more mods *ahem* and am using crossbows and longbows again (hahaha). I might write an OOC update as I am still buying up houses

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Rakuno says:

    I think you did pretty well. Playing a pacifist in Skyrim, or at least someone that is not a hero, can be hard since everything there is out to kill you.

    Personally though I don’t think I’d try this challenge. Grinding alchemy to make enough money to buy places would drive me nuts. I still like the idea of the challenge though.

    As for immersive mods… I can’t think of many. I’d suggest one that required you to eat/drink and sleep at certain intervals but I believe Frostfall already does that? Or am I confusing it?

    The only other I can think off the top of my head is SkyTEST which makes wild animals behave more like animals, i.e. not as murder machines.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      thank you šŸ™‚ yeah the alchemy way is good to make money but it does get really boring… well, as above! I did use ineed, and I did eat and sleep and drink – I liked that it made you plan ahead a bit but even that got slightly irrelevant by the end. It is very easy to survive in Skyrim – especially if this is your millionth (slight exaggeration) playthrough šŸ˜‰

      I hadn’t heard of SkyTEST – will check it out – thanks šŸ™‚

  2. mmojuggler says:

    I think this is a great challenge and interesting to see the game accommodate such a different playstyle. It gives me ideas on what to do if I pick it up again (I haven’t done stealth archer but I have trouble getting past left click flame destruction spell right click healing spell and gathering up enemies and walking backwards, letting them roast). I don’t have any mods to suggest because I run very minimal – mods that are bug/typo fixes basically.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      thanks – let me know if you do try it (or something similar) out šŸ™‚

  3. This was an interesting challenge. Strange as it sounds, Fallout 4 might be geared more towards something like this due to the various amounts of perks pertaining to nothing but earning money and upgrading player-made settlements. Although combat might be a bit more inevitable in that game than you’d like for your challenge.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      thanks for your comment šŸ™‚ Yes I can see that actually, I did have a Fallout game where I did nothing but mod, repair and build settlements. I have to admit I don’t know FO4 that well, I’ll bear it in mind for the future šŸ™‚

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