#lotro Treebeard legendary server


I had been keeping an eye on news of this server as slower levelling and slower content unlocks, for some reason, seems quite appealing. A chance to start again with everyone else I suppose. I had a character nightmare on Laurelin as I had transferred my Ithil characters over. All storage is stuffed and far too many characters. I had been ignoring this and not playing (as I didn’t want to sort everything out) until they announced the new legendary servers. I now have a 10 alt PLAN.

On Laurelin I have my high level LM, Hunter, Champion and Warden. Plus a Captain that I occasionally play with my son. On Treebeard, I have all the classes that I always fancied playing but gave up before they got to level 20… So a Minstrel, a Runekeeper, a Beorning, a Burglar and a Captain (who might actually get played). So far I’m enjoying playing them (except the Burglar who hasn’t had a chance yet). It’s weird though, I really miss my LM – I keep having to remind myself that I only have to switch servers. I won’t be surprised if there is a LM#2…

It’s been really fun with the low level areas being very busy. Although this does have the downside of crafting nodes being swiped and occasionally having to wait for everything to respawn if you get to the area at just the wrong time. Lots of ad-hoc grouping though, which is really fun.

The difficulty slider has also been introduced and seems to be working really well. I did try playing at higher difficulties but at the moment, it’s not for me so I’m playing on normal. I do keep getting tempted but although I wanted a slower pace, I didn’t want it that slow… Plus… the rewards are pretty bland – varying titles (Apprentice/Disciple/Master of X) which are available account wide. It’s not enough of a reward for me – I may change my mind in the future.

I’m hoping the Shadowfax levelling speed buff will come to live servers – I’m sure it might help attract new players – those 130 levels must be pretty daunting. I’m not sure why they didn’t open these up to F2P too – they are perfect servers for new players. Oh well.

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