#lotro Treebeard highlights (so far!)

It will soon be time to say goodbye to the level cap of 50, as the Mines of Moria expansion will be released on Treebeard on the 5th January. I am looking forward to new areas but also wondering where the time went – my alts aren’t quite in the state of readiness that I…

#lotro Armour Sets ~ Light (appearance)

As I’m playing on Treebeard, currently up to level 50 is shown.Barter using landscape or instance tokens (Tinnudir, Rivendell, Gath Forthnir, Iorelen’s Camp)All undyed. NB. Cosmetic versions of the Helegrod Armour (Rivendell) and the Rift Armour (Iorelen’s Camp) are available at the Cosmetics Skirmish Vendor (barter with marks and medallions)