#lotro Treebeard highlights (so far!)

It will soon be time to say goodbye to the level cap of 50, as the Mines of Moria expansion will be released on Treebeard on the 5th January. I am looking forward to new areas but also wondering where the time went – my alts aren’t quite in the state of readiness that I wanted. It has been 6 months for the journey to level 50, and I have spent that as an Officer, in our kin Onodrimmoot. I thought I’d wrap up the year and Shadows of Angmar by highlighting achievements and fun times for both myself and our Kin.

Runekeeper – Silmë:

She has stormed (literally and also setting a lot of things on fire!) through content this year. With the exception of a couple of slayer deeds in Forochel and Eregion, all Landscape deeds have been completed (!) She has also completed all Instance deeds with the exception of T2 Spider Wing (it bugged… haha), Rift (I did it on my LM) and the riddles deed which clearly doesn’t count.

I had never played a RK before, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and she will continue being my main into Moria. I have ended up being our Kin’s main healer and it is nice to have the option of DPS.


My LM, Tinnu, isn’t in too bad a shape (bit behind on deeds) and she will also be venturing into Moria on Deadly. I also got a Hunter, Beorning and Captain to level 50 (though they are in a sorry state and need a lot of work). My minstrel and brawler are lagging behind but it is also nice to have some alts that I can noodle around with.

Onodrimmoot Kin:

I love our Kin, it is such a friendly, relaxed place. We are one of the smaller kins but we do have enough for regular Saturday night Instance / Raid runs plus plenty of Chicken Runs, Deed Groups, Deadly Groups, Legendary Angmar quests, Kin House decorating, fellowship quests and just general chat and company! Screenshots following (NB not all screenshots were taken by myself but by members of the Kin)

Chicken Runs:


Kin Houses:

Fun Stuff:

I’m looking really forward to Moria and looking forward to many more fun events 🙂

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