#lotro Legendary Moria quest Guide

I’m writing this up for Onodrimmoot Kin on Treebeard Server and also for future reference. Hope it’s useful!

  • Can only be picked up at level 60 and is a weekly repeatable quest (Quest states it is also reset weekly).
  • Pick up from the Quartermaster at the 21st Hall.
  • 12 out of the 24 available quests need to be completed.
  • Pre-requisites: Vol II, Book 5 to unlock the skirmishes. Battle of Lorien requires a quest chain to be completed first (see walkthrough on link). If I’ve missed any pre-requisites, please let me know!
  • Link to quest on wiki
  • Link to rewards

Complete 12 of the following (see links for full details):

Crafting Instances:

  • Bult-kâr | Solo | Level 53 | Wood resource | near the 21st Hall
  • Fulz-zahar | Solo | Level 57 | Ore resource | Redhorn Lodes
  • Mekeb-faham | Solo | Level 53 | Scholar resource | Winding Way
  • Sejer-tharâkh | Solo | Level 57 | Wood resource | near the 21st Hall
  • Tumun-ghâr | Solo | Level 53 | Ore resource | Redhorn Lodes

Skirmishes (1-12 man):

3 man Instances:

6 man Instances:


Suggested quests:

Again, as with the Legendary Angmar Quest Guide, I am trying to find the speediest route through as our Kin members are in different timezones with different RL schedules!


  • (5) of the crafting resources (solo)
  • (3) of the skirmishes (can be done solo/duo)
  • (2) Library and School (3 man but can be run duo).
  • (1)The Grand Stair, non-scalable level 56.
  • (1) Possibly The Forgotten Treasury as non-scalable level 54.

NB. I haven’t run these instances for quite a long time, so there may be quicker instances for the skirmishes/ 6 mans. I will update if needed. However, doing the above means you can get the majority done solo or in a small group which can make things easier / quicker if you just want to get the coins.

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