#lotro Moria Highlights


At the end of this month, Treebeard will expand into Mirkwood and Enedwaith. A month ago, I was hoping it would hurry up, now I’m wishing I maybe had a bit more time!


Silme (RK) has now completed all Moria & Lothlórien deeds, including the instance and raid deeds. There are 2 titles and 2 rather nice goat mounts to be had from those.

I have also got my Lore-master (Deadly), Minstrel & Beorning to 60. They are not in bad shape but do need more work on their virtues. I’m considering switching to the Minstrel for Kin group content as I’m wondering if it might work a bit better than the RK healing. I’m not sure… I’m really pleased that my RK has done all landscape, group & raid content + deeds currently available, and if I switch to the Minstrel, I know that’s going to be tricky to keep up.

I do have a burglar to get another 10 levels which I’m aiming to do before Mirkwood. I also have a baby brawler which is taking the slow and scenic route.

It’s been really fun playing classes that I didn’t get round to giving a proper go on Laurelin, and I’m glad I am. It’s been a really good change.

Onodrimmoot Kin:

The Kin is still going strong and we’re still clearing group content (whilst also falling off things, having competitions to reflect ourselves to death etc).

It is so nice to have a group of people to play with, who have a relaxed attitude to gaming 🙂 We are still continuing our regular events (instance runs, quest/deed runs, deadly etc) and have started a reading challenge, learning a new language together and a few of us are taking part in the Conqueror Challenge’s Lord of the Rings virtual challenge!

I’m really looking forward to the new content coming and I’m really enjoying the pace of Treebeard. The next expansion will last until December with only a level cap of 65 – there is still plenty time to catch up, join in and make Treebeard your home 🙂

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