#Blaugust2022 ~ Day 2

I had intended to carry on questing when I logged into Lotro, however, I remembered I needed to sort out my legendary item now I’m 140… Fortunately, it didn’t need too much work, I needed to replace some stat traceries but the rest are fine and can be enhanced to the current cap. I don’t have enough enhancement items of course but I did the best with what I had.

After that I got sidetracked again, by sorting out my vault and crafting materials… What felt like 6 hours later, I finally got back to Gundabad and managed to complete the quests for Deepscrave. I was bored of questing by this time, so went off exploring and found the utterly gorgeous Clovengap (pictured). It really is stunning. Gundabad feels huge and the areas all feel very distinct from each other.


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