#Blaugust2022 ~ Day 3

I haven’t had much time to play today, but I did manage to play for a while. I ended up re-decorating my Belfalas house on Treebeard. I have closed off the 2 downstairs rooms and also the two sides of the entrance hall so that I could use the hooks in the main part of the house. I still have a fair few hooks left, the choice is fairly limited for obvious reasons and I am waiting for Rohan and Gondor for necessary housing items.

I like lotro housing but it is fairly limited – there aren’t enough hooks so everything can look a bit sparse, I am glad though that they are still working on it and bringing in new decorations. I seem to remember I heard in one of the streams that they are thinking about bringing in furniture items which are more complex e.g. a set of table of chairs as one decoration rather than 2 or 3 individual items. I really hope they can do this, it will potentially make a huge difference.

I have been spoiled by the housing systems in EQ2 and ESO (very similar in principle and execution ) the housing there is done right. I have a gallery for housing posts (need to post my lotro houses!) which is mostly ESO housing and on my old blog I have some EQ2 housing (Kelethin house). I really need to post my lotro houses, good job it’s Blaugust…


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