#Blaugust2022 – Day 4: Minecraft builds

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for well over a year now – dusted off, updated and here it is 🙂

I’ve been playing a fair bit of Minecraft, on and off, throughout lockdown. I did have a really nice snowy village build that I played with my son, J – but we turned it to creative and promptly lost interest. So I made a new survival world (bamboo forest as requested by J). It’s ended up being mostly my world now as he plays with friends or does his own thing – I do get an occasional pity play but the teenage years have arrived 🙂 As well as building my own things, I also tried a few tutorials . I usually have a hunt around images for inspiration and then build my own thing – sometimes successfully, sometimes not. The tutorials were a challenge in survival, but they do look really good.

My first build (aside from the usual starter panic build), is my forest home. I used this build as inspiration and I absolutely love it.

Next, I decided to upgrade the original panic room build and tried to give a dwarven mine entrance feel – I wasn’t really successful. We also built a rather large farm, a gorgeous fountain and two medieval style houses. (Links lead to tutorials)

The latest build, is this really lovely wizard’s tower – it was scary to build in survival and I fell off quite a lot (!).

I have a lot of interiors to decorate, possibly adding attic windows and other details to the medieval houses. I’d like to build a dock and maybe a pirate hideout. There are adventure goals too, I haven’t made a connection to the Nether yet or found a mine or stronghold etc, etc. (update – well the adventure goals are out on this world now)

Since I originally typed this, I turned it to creative as it’s not a particularly interesting world. I’ve now added a Fairy Gazebo and am working on the interior of a hobbit house and the moon house. The last 2 pictures are of a stacking cube block of flats type thing, was interesting to build although I did get a bit obsessed over finishing it and got eyestrain. I wouldn’t do it again, although I liked the idea of having like a block of flats but having lots of communal and nature areas. You might see a tower in the background of the moon house – it’s created by the same person who designed the Gazebo. Their builds are just amazing – am jealous 😀

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I’ve never played Minecraft. These are amazing. Are they built Lego style with billions of tiny blocks?

    1. eldaeriel says:

      Thank you so much! and Lego style yes, but they are much bigger than lego bricks (thankfully!) it’s a fun game, and is really reasonably priced (and if you have a game pass it may be included)

  2. MagiWasTaken says:

    Was a good read! Nice work with the builds as well!

    1. eldaeriel says:

      Thank you so much – that was really nice to hear!

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