#Blaugust2022 ~ day 23 ~ Belfalas House

My main house on Laurelin, it’s not finished (are they ever?!) but it is in a state that I am mostly happy with. I have closed off the upstairs and used those hooks in the rooms downstairs. It’s a bit messy as I haven’t found a satisfactory way of using the walls to hide the stairs. Inside, you start with the entrance hall, go through to the kitchen / dining area (I have also closed off 2 of the doorways in the other middle room), walk through the library / map room. Here you can either go through to the bedroom, or go into the garden area with the two side rooms.

I really like where I’ve placed the working oven (in what was the corridor between the two middle rooms). If you use the upstairs, it does belch out a lot of smoke… I will move things around between the entrance hall and the back library / side rooms. They are mostly intended as display space for nice things!

Video below.



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