#Blaugust2022 ~ Day 24 ~ Rohan House

I really love this house, it has such a nice atmosphere. It can be made even more cosy with the ambient lighting system they introduced.

This house is on Treebeard, so the decorations are obviously limited to the current level cap. I have closed off the basement and one downstairs side room, in order to use the hooks in the rest of the house. I do wish we could colour the walls to match but to be honest, I’m grateful we even have the walls in the first place! I am mostly happy with the layout and content, although I will tweak it as new items become available.

There is the entrance, the kitchen / dining room, the map room, the elf shrine, the library / study / sitting room and finally the bedroom.

I need to work on the garden a bit but the view outdoors is amazing 🙂 Video below.



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