#lotro Treebeard RK Blue & Red builds

Level 65 Treebeard Runekeeper Red and Blue builds.

I wrote these up for kinnies but thought I’d share here too. I normally start by looking at sites of people who actually know what they’re talking about (e.g. Lotro HQ ). They are fantastic, however as these builds are mostly aimed at current level cap and for those who are running endgame content, I take the principles and tweak them to suit me (whether that’s for a solo build on Laurelin or for lvl cap on Treebeard).

I use my runestone for both builds and have 2 bags, one for heals and one for fire dps. As we go through the levels, I will probably need another runestone in the future. These builds work for me, they’re made for solo/group/raid although I am not a progression raider and I know they could be improved. The tactics are mostly for instance / raids but also work for solo (red).

I don’t tend to use the yellow trait line as it just feels quite feeble in comparison to red, but I may be completely wrong.


Level 65

In terms of gear, I’m currently still using a mix of the Moria instance barter and Dar Narbugud gear, The Ost Dunhoth teal sets are not an option until T1 is completed, and even then I’m not sure I will switch to them because of the stat hit. Jewellery is either motes/crafted or instance drops.

Both builds

I tend to just use the same traits for both roles, the traits below seem to work well enough. I tried to choose traceries that benefit both builds. I like this setup for current level, I am wondering whether to swap Skill Induction Speed for Ranged Attack distance. Click images for full size.

Blue Healing Build:


I think there is a certain amount of leeway at this level. For a rune-keeper I think the Healing over Time boost is a must have. The Mastery traceries could easily be swapped for other healing traceries.


I target the tank as standard, stay ranged unless you know fight really well.  I use addon Miniraid to watch group/raid’s health.

Do Not Fall This Day on 2nd healer / class with in combat rez and either tank or whoever might need the rez.  Keep this up on 2 ppl as best you can.  If you don’t have tracery cooldown, keep on 2nd healer / in combat rez or the tank if taking tons of damage (e.g. turtle damage buff)

Keep runestone up most of the time (unless really not needed).  Try to keep healing attunement high. Cure dots on the tank.

For general healing & keeping attunement up, I use the top bar, right half roughly in order.  Use bubbles if ppl’s health gets v low before healing.  Keep writ of health up on ppl if you’re not having to actively heal.  Can use group bubble before scripted aoe damage (timing is tricky!).  

AOE heals – runestone & rousing words.  Otherwise it’s playing whack a mole with the single target heals.

Cure your own dots with self target potions (you don’t need to lose target so quicker, you can of course un-target and use your cure skill).  You can kite with prelude to hope (can be cast on you or other on the move – great for benny hill situations)

If I am taking damage – I cast Armour of the Elements, use potion, cast self motivation as needed.  

Take care with dps and attunement – use your judgement if it’s worth the risk.  Using flurry (group dps buff) is really beneficial, if you can safely be in range.

At the end, wonder what you’ve been fighting 🙂

Red DPS build:


Again, other combinations would also work. I tried to choose traceries that buffed a set of damage rather than individual skills at this level. E.g. Searing Words will increase all fire skill damage and Wrath of Flame increases the dot component of fire skills.


Just to note I may rejig slightly to get the crit boost (Cutting Remarks) from the yellow tree, but as I gain trait points it is my first goal in yellow.

Also to note, I mostly heal on my RK so there may well be better tactics out there but… for what it’s worth this is what I do when I get to set everything on fire!

For quick fights – I stick the runestone down, spam scribe’s spark / essence of storm / ceaseless argument as they have no induction.  

[Landscape mobs > essay of fire followed by fiery ridicule is hilarious – they just literally melt as they run to you]

For AOE fights (not in order) – essence of flame / runestone / scathing mockery / flurry of words* > (full attunement) COMBUSTION > repeat or switch to single target.

For single target fights – essay of fire (makes next skill fire quicker) > fiery ridicule (stacks) > writ of fire (stacks) EITHER stack dots OR if needing to move a lot go to scribe’s spark > essence of storm / ceaseless argument to get enough attunement for > SMOULDERING WRATH.  Aim to be casting smouldering wrath as often as you can.  You can cast shocking words or combustion while waiting for smouldering wrath to be off cooldown. Also use Flurry if you can get in melee range.

If I am taking damage – I cast Armour of the Elements, use potion, cast self motivation as needed.  Use prelude to hope if I have to. Dont pull aggro – you’re squishy!   Stick distracting flame into the rotation.

If healer / tank is taking an insane amount of damage – spam prelude to hope, epic for the ages and bubble on tank or healer until it is back under control.  Then go back to dps.  Use steady hands to switch between high attunements.  Quick cure your own dots with self target only potions (your cure will cure whoever you or the mob is targetting).

*flurry of words is melee range only.  It’s a really good group buff but if you take too much damage I’d stay ranged.

Any tips, please let me know 🙂


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