#eso Sunset & Dolmen

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I caught the sun setting at the same time a dolmen was happening – quite pretty

#lotro fire!

a while ago I posted a pic on G+ of my Lore-master fighting a fire grim with the obvious choice of fire…  My friend was tanking and she replied with her view of the fight…

#eso to the sea!

Quite often, whilst running around in ESO, I’ll think hmm that sea isn’t very realistic… it’s so flat and calm.  However….  I live by the sea and most days I visit, it looks just like this… I might see if I can get better comparison shots both in game and also RL (especially when the…

#lotro challenge (4)

oof.  I hadn’t realised it has been so long since post no. 3 (oct 2016!!)  *ahem*   All challenges can be found under the 30 day challenge tag,  I’d love to hear other people’s answers, feel free to join in!  (Original questions) 16. Take a lotro selfie 17.  did you read the books before playing the…

#lotro rivendell: a view through

I got carried away taking screenshots in Rivendell, so I made a few more collages (will post the final two, later this week or next).

#eso thunderstorm

Near the Wreck of the Raptor (a ghostly ship wreck) in Auridon, there is a high bluff where you can see the effects of the ghostly thunderstorm (which presumably wrecked the ship).  It’s pretty cool.

#lotro Rivendell

I love this zone, the autumn trees, the music… and you see it a lot during the epic quest 😉

#lotro halls of the elven-king

The world building team have surpassed themselves with Update 22.  It is absolutely stunning and a real treat to be able to explore areas I first encountered as a child.   I have been thoroughly enjoying myself in the new area of Eyrn Lasgalen and have even enjoyed getting lost in the Forest (many times!)  …