#eso Zainsipilu, Morrowind

I love the caves in ESO, they can be very pretty.  This one, in particular, is very striking with the contrast between the red and heat of the lava fall and the cool green lake areas.

#lotro columns at Duillond

I’m always drawn back to the elven starter area in Ered Luin, there’s always more to screenshot and I find myself just hanging around…

#lotro levelling path (dwarven)

[I’ve also written an elven path now] My Dwarf champion is currently level 17 and I haven’t actually levelled up any characters since before the Rohan release (2012) as I have mostly concentrated on either my Lore-Master or my Hunter. So, as I’m levelling this character to just experience the game again, I thought I’d…

#eso clockwork city

Everything in Clockwork City is fabricated, even the plants.  I love the shininess and the gold, blue and pink tones in this zone.

#eso Aldmeri Dominion

The first areas I quested through in ESO were the Aldmeri Dominion lands.  It was really fun to finally be wandering round Khajiiti and Elven lands at last.  Especially the Bosmer (wood elves) areas.

#eso morrowind panorama

I love that the sky darkens in the west when the sun is setting yet remains bright towards the east.