#eso gear and skills for stealth

(Updated for Blackwood Chapter) I’m writing this to try to gather all stealth and thieving passives in one place,  mostly for my own benefit (for my non-NB characters) but maybe it will be useful to others. I use stealth for general stealing, for reaching objectives quickly (when questing), for the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood…


ESO: Stamina Warden Skyrim Thieves Guild (kinda) Lightning Battlemage Magicka Thief Thranduil inspired outfit LoTRO: High Elf Captain High Elf Minstrel Elf Lore-Master and Elf Hunter  (I may redo these as the screenshots could be clearer)

#eso outfit: skyrim thieves guild… kinda

I loved the thieves guild leathers in Skyrim, they just looked right.  They looked practical and comfy too. I’ve tried to recreate them in ESO but it’s pretty hard.  There isn’t a jacket with the same shape which is also leather, plus it needs the straps.  The closest jacket, in my opinion, has both the…

#eso crafting style motifs

*updated 17/6/2016* I’m missing quite a few of the newer style motifs and  I couldn’t find a website which had an at a glance reference for locations etc, so I’ve made one…  I’ve put a link for further information where certain pages are only available from one location. GLASS Equipment Crafting Writs XIVKYN Imperial city…

ESO Comic: Hail to the Thief

yeah I’m waiting for the Thieves Guild 😀   Click on the first image for a bigger picture, you can then cycle through the comic.  Let me know if you have any problems viewing, I’m not sure of the best layout for this.