ESO: Stamina Warden Skyrim Thieves Guild (kinda) Lightning Battlemage Magicka Thief Thranduil inspired outfit LoTRO: High Elf Captain High Elf Minstrel Elf Lore-Master and Elf Hunter  (I may redo these as the screenshots could be clearer)

#eso outfit: stamwarden ~ we bare bears

Is it possible to overdo it with bears?¬† My warden certainly doesn’t think so… Head: Skinchanger Hat (L), 1000g Chest: Nord Jerkin 2 (L), 100g Shoulders: Skinchanger Epaulets (L), 500g Hands: Skinchanger Gloves (L), 500g Waist: Nord Belt 4 (M), 50g Legs: Nord Guards 3 (H), 100g Feet: Nord Boots 2 (M), 50g Dyes: Craftmaster…