and some obligatory lensflare

post 29 of Blaugust (huge screenshot dump below) so I finally finished the main questline in ESO with my nightblade.  I quite enjoyed the story and I did really like the way we took Coldharbour by sections, and then stormed his castle piece by piece.  Felt quite neat.  I was sick of harvesters by the […]

Entrance to VP

post 28 of blaugust Veeshan’s Peak is a raid zone in EQ2, designed for 24 people.  It was released part way through the Rise of Kunark (alongside the epic and mythical class weapon quests).  I had initially thought that I wouldn’t ever see this zone or get my mythical weapon.  I was wrong on both […]


post 27 of blaugust So today is my birthday and so far I’ve had a lovely day.  I got some fab pressies, a very cool Adventure Time tin, pencil and eraser set from my little boy.  Dimzad got me a very cool gaming mouse, the most gorgeous cloth-bound set of The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings […]

one of the riddle doors

post 26 of Blaugust The Forsaken Inn is a scalable 3 person instance in Lotro.  This dungeon is either love or hate I think, because of all the traps.  I love it because it channels the Goonies and also because I like playing a sneaky type rogueish character and it has a lot of traps to disarm […]

outside of nek

Oh this dungeon brings back memories :)  I don’t think I want to count the number of times I have been in here…  It was a dungeon which was always relevant because it had a number of heritage quests associated with it, and I think one of the signature quests required you to go back […]


post 24 of blaugust ESO I recently allowed the littlun to make a character in ESO as he is quite interested in the game and I was quite curious to see what he’d come up with.  A massive huge orc is the answer!  He wasn’t interested in the other races at all, as soon as […]


post 23 of blaugust We try not to have too many of one type of item on show in our house as we are ever vigilant of the dangers this brings…  My Nan mentioned once (seriously once) that she liked elephants, she ended up with over 50 of ‘the bloody things’ (to quote her exactly). […]

The final boss is behind the pillar

Post 22 of Blaugust So we’re back to EQ2 for the Erudin Research Halls and this time during The Sentinel’s Fate expansion. This is quite a fun zone with some interesting fights.  As the mobs are technomagical, its also quite interesting visually and allows for a different feel to the usual fantasy fare.  The first boss […]


post 21 of blaugust and part two of the gaming questionnaire. 11. Describe your perfect video game. Well Skyrim pretty much has it nailed.  Open, stunningly beautiful world to explore as and when and how I like, quests galore, complete freedom in how I build my character, housing and the Thieves Guild…  I have lost myself […]


So it’s nearly 10 pm here in the UK, the birthday boy has just got to bed after a long, fun and tiring day at Legoland and here I am getting my 20th blaugust post out :)  (if I’d been sensible, I would have pre-written it…) I’m going to keep it easy today and tomorrow […]


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