male or female character?

I’ve been thinking about the games I’ve played over the years, and it’s the games that allow you to play a female character that really stick with me.  In fact, going slightly further, it’s games that allow you play a female AND don’t give you a pre-formed character (so games like The Witcher and Dragon…

#skyrim Alduin

I could have done with better conditions for these screenshots but… here we have Alduin in the midst of a heavy snowstorm at night. I was a bit unsure whether to post these as they are a bit dark, but I like them, especially the second image.

#skyrim The Rift

It’s one of my favourite areas, the autumnal golds and feeling of warmth is a nice change from the frozen snowy areas.

#Skyrim – Enderal

Enderal is a massive, total conversion mod for Skyrim.  It is now available as a separate game on the Steam platform (although you will still need the original Skyrim installed, of course) which makes the installation super easy. The landscapes and architecture are beautiful and varied, occasionally you will get a jolt or deja vu…

#lotro Gil-Galad

Post 1 of blaugustreborn ― From The Fall of Gil-galad, as translated by Bilbo Baggins

#skyrim oops

welp, the resistance totally failed… maybe it was the ESVI teaser at E3, maybe it was the announcement of the new Blades app due out later this year…  against my expectations, I’m back in Skyrim obviously, and glad about it – am having an absolute blast. Obviously I first had the fun of modding (and…

#lotro Ten of my favourite places in Lord of the Rings

These are all places I find I leave my characters when I log out or find excuses to travel to…  I’m just going to let the pictures speak for themselves.   I’ve left out so many places which I absolutely love so I think I might do another one of these!        …

#eso Ebonheart Pact

It was fun to revisit the Skyrim areas and compare notes and I really love Stormhold in Shadowfen.