ESO Tracker

I’ve made a Google Sheets tracker for my characters – it includes Crafting level & research, Main quest completion, World & Guild skill lines, Alliance zones , Chapters and DLC (delves, quests, skyshards etc). I haven’t included group dungeons or trials or pvp. Feel free to make a copy for your own use 🙂

inventory full (and bank and crates)

Post 5 of Blaugust Reborn There have been a couple of posts I’ve seen writing about inventory problems (we need the gaming equivalent of house hoarders I think!) sparked from Inventory Full’s writing prompts. Jeromai – GW2: Inventory Woes Endalia – Guild Wars 2 – Inventory Full Rakuno – Inventory Woes Bhagpuss – All We’ll…

no: house; yes: mods

ESO: The most gorgeous house (in my opinion) they’ve released so far, is currently available for a short period of time. I absolutely love it, from the fact that the whole space is outdoors, there is a complete ship and a shipwrecked half-ship to live in plus ruins and nooks.  Most importantly there is plenty…

#eso Ebonheart Pact

It was fun to revisit the Skyrim areas and compare notes and I really love Stormhold in Shadowfen.

#eso Thranduil inspired outfit

[all outfits] yeah… Anyone who reads this blog knows that I ♥ Middle Earth and Mirkwood in particular, so it’s perhaps not surprising that my High Elf in ESO started to get a slight Thranduil vibe going… So this was the inspiration pic: and this is my take on it in game (it really needs…

#eso #lotro Dailies and Events

School holidays are just bad for blogging, at least for me.  All normal routine goes out the window and things just get pushed aside and then I have to remember and push myself to write something.  It’s all good though, we had a lovely Easter hols with some very nice days out. I did manage…

#eso Sunset & Dolmen

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I caught the sun setting at the same time a dolmen was happening – quite pretty

#eso to the sea!

Quite often, whilst running around in ESO, I’ll think hmm that sea isn’t very realistic… it’s so flat and calm.  However….  I live by the sea and most days I visit, it looks just like this… I might see if I can get better comparison shots both in game and also RL (especially when the…

#eso thunderstorm

Near the Wreck of the Raptor (a ghostly ship wreck) in Auridon, there is a high bluff where you can see the effects of the ghostly thunderstorm (which presumably wrecked the ship).  It’s pretty cool.