Happy 15th Anniversary, #lotro!


I haven’t played for the full 15 years, I started playing about 2.5 years later. Even so, it’s a long time to be playing a game! I haven’t played solidly in all that time but at least 6 months out of the year I’m in lotro.

I thought I’d post a picture and a link to a blog post for each year I’ve been playing šŸ™‚ The links for 2010 to 2013 are from my old blog, 2013 onwards are here.


My first ever Lotro post, a post on falling off things (nothing has changed!), how I joined Laurelin and badly rp-ing, and a comparison of screenshots from 2010 to 2022 (huge change!)

2010 to 2022


An epic journey through Fornost, before it was split into 4 instances. I also fell off a bridge at the worst possible place taking screenshots . Team Orange was in full swing (that was myself, Dimzad and our friend Nox) and I reached Mirkwood. I couldn’t choose just one image so, here’s a few.

Plus a comparison of Bree

Bree 2011 to 2022


I found my first ever screenshot in lotro :), more Team Orange, and Team ? fighting warbands


This is the year I changed from hunter main to lore-master main. Links from posts are now this blog. Some screenshots from the end of beta event,


ESO was released this year, so lotro took quite a backseat. However, I did find one of my screenshots in Chance Thomas’ video! I also changed my style of blogging, and it’s mostly screenshots or some kind of guide from now on.


I did a series of screenshots of Moria,


I did the first half of the lotro 30 day challenge


I didn’t write about lotro at all šŸ˜¦ I did play though, as seen by the screenshot below (Minas Morgul?)


Finally finished the second half of the lotro 30 day challenge! Plus bonus of dps vs tank’s view of a fight, I also wrote up an elven levelling path for lotro.


Was a v bad year for me personally, I did play but no blog posts or screenshots.


Teddy bear hunter


I thought I might roll a character and check out Treebeard, and finally highlights of Treebeard so far.


a hunter outfit

Final Thoughts

Looking back, I wish I’d written more diary style entries, it’s actually quite interesting to read what I was up to. I found though, as years went on, I wrote less on the blog overall and certainly wrote fewer posts on lotro as other games ebbed and flowed.

I would like to say thank you and congratulations to all staff, past and present, involved in publishing this game. It’s kept my interest for nearly 13 years now, I hope there are many more years to play. Also thank you to my fellow kinnies for being awesome and the community both in and out of game as a whole for also being awesome too!


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