#lotro hunter outfit

It’s definitely more challenging creating an outfit on Treebeard, I keep looking for a staple item and we haven’t reached the right expansion yet! I have made some outfits using Shadow of Angmar and Moria appearance items, but I found this combination to be really nice for the Hunter.

Head: N/A
Upperbody: Soothing Waistcoast of the Wayfarer (Motes of Enchantment / Lootbox)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Eorlingas (Rise of Isengard pre-order)
Hands: Gloves of the Isengard Dispeller (log in reward)
Legs: N/A
Feet: Rugged Work Boots (Beorning intro)
Back: Wood-Wanderer’s Cloak (lotro store)
Mount: Elk of Felegoth’s Glory (Curator / Figments of Splendour)

All items are undyed.

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