#lotro levelling path (elven)

I really enjoyed working out a dwarven themed levelling path for my Dwarven Champion, so I thought I’d do one for my new High Elf Captain.

I’ve used the Zones by level page on the wiki again, but this time I will be following the epic story through the zones.  Aside from the elven connected areas mentioned below, I will be doing side quests only to bump up levels as needed.  This ends up being a little more complicated though…

Levels 1 – 40:

levelling path for elves lord of the rings online

  • Ered Luin [elven starting area]
  • Bree-land | Lone-lands (epic story)
  • North Downs – epic story plus Lin Giliath [elven outpost]
  • The Trollshaws | Rivendell – epic story plus quests  [lots of elven outposts]

Levels 40-50:

levelling path for elves lord of the rings online

  • Misty Mountains – epic story
  • Angmar | Evendim | Forochel (epic story) [story revolves around great evil and the elves]
  • Eregion epic story plus quests [ancient elven presence, now mostly abandoned]

Levels 51-65:

levelling path for elves lord of the rings online

  • Mines of Moria – epic story [necessary for legendary weapons]
  • Lothlórien – epic story plus quests [home of the Galadhrim]
  • Mirkwood – epic story plus quests [home of the Malledhrim]

Levels 65-75:

levellling elf 65-75

  • Enedwaith | Dunland | Ford of Isen/Isengard – epic story
  • Great River – epic story [elven involvement plus elven outpost in the Great River]


I’ll probably just follow the epic story through Rohan, Gondor, Anorien and Mordor, doing side quests as needed.

what are your favourite zones to level through?

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  1. baldwinp says:

    I like regions where I don’t have to waste a lot of time travelling to the quest area and also where I don’t have to keep backtracking to the same areas over and over. It also helps if, once you have finished the quests for an area, there is a quest directing you to the next questing area. I think Eregion does a great job of this and it is also fairly easy to navigate since so much of it is plains, so that is probably my favorite zone to level in. For atmosphere, however, I have a soft spot for the Trollshaws because the paths are so convoluted that you never get the feeling as if you have explored everything. Very nice colors and music too.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      That’s very true – it’s partly what puts me off parts of the epic story is the sheer amount of here, there and everywhere – though I know they have improved that since the old days.

      For atmosphere, South Anorien and Bâr Húrin in particular, is amongst my favourites.

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