The Tale of the Red Maid ~ 1

So this is my new project – an attempt to illustrate some of the quest stories within lotro.  I really enjoy the epic quests, the stories are compelling and its just great having an over-arching storyline which continues as you level and explore new areas.  However, I found it was easy to lose track of the story and to miss some of the detail as we tended to do the epic questline either along with other quests in the area or were running quickly through in order to catch up.  So I wanted to set out some of the stories in a sort of graphic novel fashion (which seemed um… ‘sensible’… given my penchant for screenshots and my utter rubbishness at coming up with an original idea ;)).  The first one I’m attempting is the Tale of the Red Maid, which is a really interesting story and I never got to see the conclusion as the questline completes in Garth Agarwen.

NB. The text is partly quoted directly from the quests themselves, partly adapted text from the quests and some original dialogue.  The questline is from the epic questline, The Tale of the Red Maid and is concluded through quests in Agamaur and Garth Agarwen.  All screenshots from Lord of the Rings online (I have played around with saturation, contrast etc a little).

→ The Tale of the Red Maid ~ 2

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  1. Yulan says:

    Now that was a nice idea!

  2. suzita says:

    thanks very much 🙂

  3. A great idea and you choose the tale wisely – I remember this as being the first big, weird, heroic and exciting battle I was involved in and I have re-done it several time just because I enjoy it so damn much! Great shots and beautifully presented 🙂

  4. p.s. are you planning more?

  5. suzita says:

    thanks very much 😀 For the Red Maid I’ve done up until the Radagast instance and so I have them scheduled for fridays for the next 5 weeks ish… so yes I’m planning to complete the Red Maid then I would like to tell the tale of how Dimzad and Eldaeriel met… otherwise known as the first epic book 😉 or I may look at a non epic questline but wow…. they take a lot of screenshots!!

  6. Apparently this took nearly 10,000 screen shots to do (the blog post mentions the software he used to do that).

  7. suzita says:

    wow that’s just stunning! I did try out a time lapse of lotro once, but for some reason the images went grainy in the video itself… better check out that link!

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