Wildermore Warbands Locations

click for larger image

Warbands 2

solo warbands in green
small fellowship in light blue
fellowship in dark blue
raid in pink

nb.  all locations are approximate.  The high knolls blizzard and shaguk are very approximate locations (deduced from memories of a mad warband ride and info on wiki)

*edit* shaguk is actually further to the southeast and the high knolls blizzard is further to the southwest

wiki page for further info

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Danania says:

    so very awesome. I love the map, great work!

  2. Very nice! Apparently the warband I duo’d with my boyfriend (Voz) was meant for a fellowship – oops. ^^

    I didn’t realize there were raid warbands yet, but I guess that’s something to be a bit more careful with, then. xD

  3. eldaeriel says:

    glad you like it 🙂

    yeah i’m not convinced by the labelling of the warbands – I’ve duoed nearly all the warbands including the 2 raid mobs but excepting Rottenheart!… in my opinion the hardest ones are Rottenheart and Varg – but a lot of that is down to being surrounded by trees or crystals rather than the mobs theirselves… though it isn’t much different to Eastemnet I guess as Bugud was duoable too 🙂

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