getting to know you…

This week is all about getting to know each other, according to Belghast’s schedule.  Before I jump into that, I want to remind people that it really isn’t too late to join in and to encourage you to either start or dust off your blog 🙂  All you need to do is sign up on the google form, use the hashtag #blaugustreborn and start posting.  See Belghast’s original post for full details.

Some more useful links (nicked from Belghast):

I’m also signed up as a mentor, if I can help in anyway please let me know (leave a comment, or send me a message via twitter or discord), I’ve been trying to spend some time in discord but can’t always hang around for very long 🙂


OK, so , about me.  I hate writing about myself.  It always just sounds wrong.  I’m nearly 47, been gaming since I was about 20 (not counting amusement arcade games) which is when I bought my first console (Sega Megadrive).  I met my boyfriend at Uni (Dimzad), we bonded over music at first (Therapy, Smashing Pumpkins to name a couple) and gaming crept in (I introduced him to Sword of Vermilion and Rings of Power, he introduced me to D&D and the Elder Scrolls on PC).  He lent me his PC during my final year and I think I spent more time playing Daggerfall on it rather than writing up my dissertation *ahem*.  I got a 2:1 so it was all good.

I’ve worked mostly as admin but I ended up taking a MA in Textile Conservation and I worked in that field until I had the hobbit – who is now 10 and into gaming himself (bloody fortnite!).  I’m unlikely to be able to get back into that field as you need to be very mobile to take up contracts (unless you’re very lucky), so I’ve been a stay-at-home mum but will be looking to go back to work in a year or two.  Quite scary (!) and I’m not sure what I will do…  I could retrain (again) but as what I have no idea.

Aside from that I’m a voracious reader and hugely into Lord of the Rings.  I like knitting and drawing – which is a far cry from my teens/20s/early 30s when I mostly went out clubbing or going to gigs.  I game more now too – it always used to be that things like gaming, knitting etc were things I did when I had nothing else to do (like going down the pub) or when I was skint.  Now I’ve had the kiddo – those pastimes have been fantastic as our social life was severely curtailed.  Which is fine – it was time to wind that down anyway 😉

ermmm – I mostly play RPGs whether that’s single players or MMOs, I do also like a good survival or sandbox environments.   I’m impatiently awaiting Dragon Age 4 and Elder Scrolls 6 but would be pacified somewhat by Blades going into beta 😉

hmm. there you have it I suppose 😉


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  1. Hi there, nice to meet you 😉 I wanted to ask you how I’m supposed to use the hashtag #blaugustreborn. Is it only for social media purposes, or should I also include it with my posts?

    1. eldaeriel says:

      I’ve been using it when I share to twitter but I’ve also used it as a tag on my post. I use the categories and tags for the menu system here on the blog.

  2. Pasduil says:

    I assumed people would use it on Twitter to flag up their posts for Blaugust. That is what I look out for anyway, but I have noticed that a lot of people overlook adding it to their tweets. Psychochild for one.

    1. eldaeriel says:

      Yeah I try to, it does make it easier but I’ve just realised I forgot to add it to the post I just published… grr!

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