#lotro Preparation for Rise of Isengard on Treebeard


Going by past updates, this expansion is due at the beginning of January 2023. Do keep an eye on official channels for a definite date.

Two important things to consider before release:

Firstly, it looks as though the Legendary Challenger deed/titles for Dol Guldur and In Their Absence can only be completed while the server cap is at level 65. So if you want those titles, it needs to be done by end of December this year.

Secondly, as with Mirkwood the incoming crafting recipes are Bind on Acquire (BOA) & require Friend standing with the various incoming factions. Crafting alts will need to be at level 65 in order to obtain these quickly and easily. NB. Don’t forget (like I did) that you can get the teal recipes from your Guild – they will require a guild rep item to craft.

Other than that it is making sure your characters are as up to date as you want them – the higher the level cap goes, the harder it is to catch up. Take note of reputations, crafting, virtues, legendary weapons, deeds etc.

New Content:

Level cap: 75

Landscape areas: Dunland, Gap of Rohan & Nan Curunir plus the Great River.

Bingo: To quest 35 – Enter the Easterlings.

Epic Quests: Volume III Book IV, V & VI. (possibly part of Book VII)

Instances /raids (Non scaling): Level 75. Dargnakh Unleashed, Fangorn’s Edge, Pits of Isengard (3 man) The Foundry, Roots of Fangorn (6 man); Draigoch’s Lair, Tower of Orthanc (raid). This is a really fun set – I wish they scaled.

Legendary Server Deeds: Legend of Limlight Gorge; Mists of Anduin; Into the Iron Fortress

Legendary Quest: Complete 5 of the above instances (also includes skirmish Storm on Methedras) for title / cloak and 50 virtue points.

Legendary Items: Reforge at level 70 & 75 for a LI level of 70 & 75 respectively. An extra Word of Mastery can be added to both Weapon & Class item at level 75. Same level range of tracery items but tracery rank should be able to be increased.

Virtues: to rank 37.

Crafting: next level of crafting tier & crafting nodes available – Westfold. Crafting guild reputation is Master of the Guild but guild reputation isn’t capped so… Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigil (critical component & Westfold *** Journal for teal).

Travel Skills:
Galtrev: Men of Dunland reputation. Guide/Muster available at Acquaintance, Return to at Kindred.
Stangard: Riders of Stangard reputation. Guide/Muster at acquaintance, Return to at Kindred.

Crafting recipes (Reputation):
Theodred’s Riders: Friend standing, Westfold crafting and are BOA
Men of Dunland: Friend standing, Westfold crafting and are BOA.
Riders of Stangard: Friend standing, Westfold crafting and are BOA. (aside from Cook, are single use)

Reputation Armour:
Men of Dunland & Theodred’s Riders: Friend/Ally/Kindred standing, also BOA. Purple & Teal gear & jewellery.
Adventurers Quartermaster: barters for teal Draigoch armour pieces. Head & Shoulders require token, rest is for marks/medallions. Probably requires completion of Draigoch raid (it doesn’t on live server…)

Nan Curunir:
Ox-clan Merchant Camp: access via sewer. Barter Orthanc sigil fragments (via instances) for necklace (legendary quality requires raid) & cloak (requires raid). Class trainers barter teal Isengard raid armour for marks and medallions but cannot be equipped until raid deeds completed.

Heroes of Limlight Gorge: barter in Stangard for BOA purple jewellery at friend>kindred.
Riders of Stangard: purple jewellery from friend>kindred.
Limlight Gorge Instance upgrades: Teal jewellery set. Kindred with Heroes of Limlight Gorge, token from instances + purple jewellery (from Riders of Stangard I believe)

I think that’s most stuff coming! Let me know if you spot any mistakes, please 🙂


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