newbie blogger initiative

It’s back!

For the  month of October, over 70 established bloggers will be supporting new bloggers by providing help, advice, feedback and a whole load of traffic to the new sites 🙂  See the NBI blog and the forums for more information.

so… why do I blog and why should YOU blog?
I started blogging because I started reading gaming blogs, really enjoyed them and thought I’d enjoy writing about my gaming experiences too.  The interaction with other bloggers is also pretty cool.  I love reading about other people’s experiences with the games I play and their opinions, screenshots, creative efforts, news, speculation…

and that’s why YOU should blog – I want to read what you’re doing or thinking or writing or drawing about games.

how to get involved:
Head over to the Newbie Blogger Initiative forums, have a look around and register (a simple 5 min process).  Read the posts filed under Newbie Bloggers, especially the newbie blogger instructions.  If you have any questions, ASK!

Posts I’ve written about blogging (published last year on my old blog)

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