#bdo Black Desert Online (again)


I think the sun may have gone to my head…  Instead of enjoying playing my Warden through the Trollshaws or exploring the very pretty and fun Summerset with my Nightblade, I’m playing that game I have very mixed feelings for – Black Desert Online.  I’m not really sure why, but I’m enjoying myself.

Part of the reason why I re-installed it is because I’d forgotten my Musa’s name.  When I finally logged in and saw it, I realised why. (Gilornor – why on earth did I call him that?!).  I was very pleased to see that I could use the Lahr Arcien costume for 7 days, I always did like that pirate costume 😉

Black Desert Online Musa Lahr Arcien
yarr me hearties

As I am a returning player, I can choose the Olvia set of channels that give an XP boost.  It really does make levelling very quick indeed.  I’d actually have a full set of level 49 characters if I hadn’t got distracted by, well, all the other stuff.  I’ve deleted a couple of characters and made a few new ones.  I still really enjoy the Musa playstyle and he is currently my sole level 49 (as it is pvp at 50 and beyond, I haven’t decided which character to try out yet), I still can’t get on with the Ranger but she is my horse trainer so that’s fine.  I’m not sure about the Tamer – I need to play her to figure out whether to keep her.  I’ve rolled a Dark Knight – and I really like her.  To be honest, she seems to play pretty much identically to the Musa (whirling about with a blade) but seems to hit harder.  I’m also trying out the new class Lahn, her combat style is very graceful but still involves mostly whirling about (vertically as well, which does add some interest), so I’m not sure if I’ll keep her.

Black Desert Online Dark Knight
Dark Knight

Finally I rolled a Ninja (he also whirls about if I’m honest).  He’s basically my Valencia character to organise the distribution of silk.  If you’re getting an impression of Keanu Reeves, I have absolutely no idea why….

Black Desert Online Ninja
Sad Ninja

So I’m planning on building a bigger boat (I like big boats, I cannot lie) and sailing around the distant seas they added in.  It will probably end in disaster as I’m under-levelled but, honestly, half the fun is seeing what you can do when the odds are against you.  I plan on more sightseeing at high speed as well (Kamasylvia to be precise).  I may get a house there.  I’m also decorating two houses, one in Heidel (my new base of operations) and one in Valencia (my Ninja will at least be idling in beautiful surroundings) which is involving complicated contribution point and inventory managing.  I’m also going to level my T6 horses and hope for some T7s…  Oh and I’ve taken up farming, alongside fishing, crafting and gathering.  Um yes, cooking and alchemy too.


Just don’t ask me why.


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