#lotro Legendary Angmar Quest Guide

I’m writing this up for Onodrimmoot Kin on Treebeard Server and also for future reference. Hope it’s useful!

  • Can only be picked up at level 50 and is a weekly repeatable quest (Quest states it is reset weekly).
  • Pick up from Maerchiniath at Gath Forthnír
  • 10 out of the 19 available quests need to be completed.
  • Pre-requisite quests can be started at level 45 (see below).
  • Link to quest on wiki
  • Link to rewards

Pre-requisite Quests:

Each of the above quests are a set of two quests available from Brúnfair at Gath Forthnír. If you combine these quests with Volume 1: Book 8: Chapter 1 The Flickering Flame, you will receive inspiration and it makes it much easier. Done this way, it is soloable (if under level 50, help may be needed). Once you have done the set of two quests, you can pick up the repeatable Emissary quests which count towards the Legendary quests.

A set of two quests available from Lunathron at Gath Forthnír. Again, this needs to be completed before you can pick up the repeatable quest which counts towards the Legendary quest. Although Bogbereth is a raid, I have duoed this so a small group plus is needed.

This is a chain of quests starting at Myrkworth. I wouldn’t prioritise this quest chain for the Legendary but the previous 5 quests are definitely worth unlocking.


You need to complete 10 quests/instances from a set of 19. As we have kinnies from many different time zones and with varying RL schedules, we needed to find the quickest options to complete the Legendary Quest. After some testing with Kin members, we think the following are the best to choose:

  1. Emissary – Laugi (all 4 should only take 30 minutes ish)
  2. Emissary – Prakhum
  3. Emissary – Karstíona
  4. Emissary – Bâlak
  5. Halls of Night (takes 20 minutes ish)
  6. The Battle for Aughaire (will take 30 minutes no matter what, can be done as small group)
  7. Battle Before the Rammas Deluon (Max 45 mins but took us 20 mins as a group of 3)
  8. The Battle of Rhunendin (Max 1 hr but also took us around 20 mins as a group of 3)
  9. Sambrog (Great Barrow) took 10 minutes (group of 3)
  10. Bogbereth takes maybe 10 minutes if duoed? The more of you there are, the quicker it is.

Other quick options would certainly include Urugarth (full run around 45 mins), an instance of Fornost, a straight run through Carn Dûm (full run 2 hrs ish, straight run prob about 30 mins ish) or an Annúminas instance.


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