#dragonage challenge (2)

6: Your warden’s story
She was a Dalish elf, who left with Duncan to become a Warden after she was infected with the darkspawn taint.  She sided with the Mages and recruited Wynne, she rescued Connor from the demon’s grasp with Morrigan’s help and found the ashes (without desecrating the Urn) and healed Arl Eamon.  She found a way for the Werewolves and the Dalish to find peace and put Bhelen Aeducan on Orzammar’s throne.  She made Alistair chop Loghain’s head off and made him King.  She also made Alistair sleep with Morrigan in order to avoid a warden sacrifice.  Poor Alistair…  The archdemon was defeated.  She romanced Zevran and they are now searching for a cure for the taint (I do imagine they are combining a world wide pub crawl with this).

7: Favourite quest
hmm either when Corypheus attacks Haven, I liked the whole sequence from party to big fights to stumbling through the snow to safety  OR travelling forward in time with Dorian.  because Dorian.  plus it was truly horrible and never happened.

Some of the best quests are the DLC in some ways.    Specifically those which set up the next game, see Origins – Awakening, 2 – Legacy and Inquisition – The Descent and/or Trespasser.

yay! Dorian!

8: Least favourite quest
hmm probably the one where you have to go in the fade – I sort of like it too if I’m in the mood.  Where it is such a long and involved puzzle quest though, I guess I’ll have to go for that one.  Or possibly the quest where you find out how Broodmothers are made (you don’t want to know…)


9: Favourite class
Probably rogue, I don’t mind if it’s stabbing people in the back or sticking them full of arrows…  I really enjoyed the Origins classes, they seemed to get a bit more bland as the game series progressed somehow.  I particularly miss disarming traps.

my latest rogue

10: Favourite party banter
I’m pretty sure I’ve posted a Zevran dialogue before on the blog, so I put this one from Inquisition (there are so many to choose from!)

Dorian: Ah, Solas. You startled me, you’re always so… nondescript.

Solas: Please speak up. I cannot hear you over your outfit.

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  1. Rakuno says:

    The Fade is probably my least favorite part of Dragon Age 1 too. The first time it is interesting but the times after that just feels like it drags on too long. At least there is a mod to cut down the time for that one. It is a shame the same can’t be done for the Deep Roads. Oh, and the way the Broodmothers are created also made me uncomfortable.

    Rogue turned out to be my favorite class in Dragon Age 1 too! At least an archer. I don’t remember much of it on 2 and haven’t gotten to Inquisition yet (one day!). Usually I go for the class with the sword but the bow turned out to be more fun in that game. 🙂

    1. eldaeriel says:

      Yeah that mod is a lifesaver! I’m hoping they come up with one for Halamshiral(sp?) in DAI!!! I’ve found that ranged classes tend to be a bit more fun because you don’t spend your time running between mobs, which can get extra irritating when your companions decide to play tennis with them 😉

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