flashpoints and dungeons

My Jedi Shadow is now level 37, mostly thanks to doing the first three solo flashpoints.  I’m overlevelled for Tatooine now but that’s fine, Alderaan still to go.  I really enjoyed the flashpoints though, the robot is super helpful.  I really like that you get a picture to hang in your apartment for the various flashpoint achievements – I need all the decorations I can get my hands on…  I switched to a Coruscant apartment as the Nar Shaddaa one was just too brown.   I’m fairly confident I’ll get my Shadow to level 50 before my sub runs out.  I do want to see the Smuggler story too but as ESO has picked up again I’m less confident.swtor decos

I’m having a lot of fun in ESO at the moment.   Aeo and Leron are back and we are skipping through the normal dungeons with ease so it’s time to try our hand at the vet level dungeons.  We have done the vet Wayrest Sewers and found that super easy (but it is the easiest of bunch) I know the others will provide more of a challenge.

I’ve been playing my stam Sorc, Eydis and really enjoying playing her.  I think I’ll be taking her along for any silver dungeons that we do as I’ll get a quest and skill point out of them.  I’m trying to increase my champion points to a more respectable level and playing alts through silver and gold seems as good a way as any (if you dislike grinding especially perhaps).  I’m getting there.

Finally, in ESO, they’ve released the drunk personality (personalities affect your idle and running animations and also affect specific emotes).  This is very silly and fun.  I made a short preview showing it off and I think I should get bonus points for accidentally puking on a guard’s boots 😀

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