#eso Thranduil inspired outfit

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Anyone who reads this blog knows that I ♥ Middle Earth and Mirkwood in particular, so it’s perhaps not surprising that my High Elf in ESO started to get a slight Thranduil vibe going…

So this was the inspiration pic:

The Hobbit Thranduil

and this is my take on it in game (it really needs a swishy cloak :P):

thranduil outfit magicka sorceror eso elder scrolls online

Whether it succeeded or not, I have to say it’s one of my favourite outfits I’ve made 🙂

head: N/A
chest: Abah’s Watch Jack (M) 1,000g
legs: Abah’s Watch Guards (M) 1000g
shoulders: Ancient Orc Pauldrons (H) 250g
feet: Ebonshadow Sabatons (H) 1,000g
hands: Ebony Bracers (M) 1,000g
waist: n/a (any unnoticeable belt)

Dyes: Lycanthrope Grey and Coldharbour Ash Black

Swords: Ebonshadow Swords  (He’s actually a magicka sorc, so the swords were just for this)

Dyes: Julianos White

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