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Huh well.  Earlier this week I’d decided that posting every day was a bit much, and would instead go to Mon-Weds-Fri, which is a pattern of posting I really like and would like to stick to.  So I chucked a pre-prepared post out on Monday with the aim of posting this on Wednesday.  Except I was out all day and ahem forgot.  So anyway, here it is.

I’ve not been getting a huge amount of play time at the moment as it’s the summer hols, but I have managed to fit in a little bit.  I’ve almost hit saturation point with Skyrim (and starting to get irritated by the lack of a couple of mods I should have installed with the new game – which is not a good sign).  I have now done most of the major quests, with the exception of the main quest (haha), the civil war and the dark brotherhood.  I’ve finished the Legacy of the Dragonborn quests, and thoroughly enjoyed that mod and I can’t imagine a playthrough without it now.  Aside from that, I’ve been taking the usual shedload of screenies.  I’m not sure if I’m going to carry on much more now, we’ll see.

Posting up my EQ2 characters also sparked a pang of nostalgia and I decided to take a look.  I couldn’t face trying to adventure (where did i get up to? gear? what’s all this in my bags?) so instead made the decision to let my guild hall go dormant as I can’t afford the status upkeep, and it’s silly really as I rarely play now.   Instead, I decided to make one of my prestige houses a craft house for all my alts and that kept me occupied for quite some time.  It would have been quicker if I’d remembered I already had a levelled up tinkerer instead of levelling up another…  The tinker boxes for lore & legend, fuel, crafting mats, and shinies are excellent – I had some satisfaction in going through all my alts and putting everything away properly.  I thought about decorating this house but then had FOMO, and decided I couldn’t do that until I’d levelled my main in both adventuring and crafting levels…  Which left me trying to remember where I’d got up to and which expansion packs did I own and, in the end, just logged out.  I may revisit this when I feel a bit braver.



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  1. saltycleric says:

    It took me a couple weeks of weekends to go thru Lexy’s suggested mod list and get most of them installed, then go back and problem solve the issues I was having in game due to of course not following installation instructions of a few of the individual mods (the ENB one had some crucial misses!). But yes that Legacy of the Dragonborn mod and so many of the others on her list are just amazing at transforming Skyrim into just about perfection. The mods that slow down the introductions into the core Skyrim quests are particularly helpful. It’s a much slower more thoughtful game with loot being actually kind of equivalent to the mobs your fighting and all the other little touches those mods have added. I have been afraid to make the journey to the town that starts the Legacy quest just because of the imposing distance on the maps and how challenging mobs are at my level lol!

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